How To Write a Demand Letter After A Motorcycle Accident


When you get struck by misfortune and get injured as a result of a motorcycle or motor vehicle-related accident, there are two things that you must do immediately. The first thing is to seek medical attention right away to ensure fast treatment and prevent long-term complications. The second is to obtain the services of a personal injury lawyer, especially if the accident was caused by a negligent third party.

Typically, the first thing that you will be doing with your car accident lawyer is to create a demand letter to the injurer or responsible party. The format of a demand letter in the case of a auto-related accident should be as follows:

  1. Know the facts

You need to be honest and accurate when designing a demand letter. A personal injury lawyer will typically ask relevant questions such as where, when, and who caused the accident. Other pertinent facts about the incident should be jotted down as well and should be described accurately in the demand letter. A personal injury lawyer simply need the facts- be it something important and even the little details. A comprehensive narrative will further strengthen your case against the injurer.

  1. Identifying liability

The personal injury lawyer will make the necessary arrangements and meetings for you in order to complete your documents before filing a personal injury claim in court. In a road-related accident, the documents that are typically needed include police reports, medical reports, and statements of witnesses. All of these documents will prove your innocence and identify who is truly at fault or caused the accident.

  1. Gather information about injuries and damages

Your lawyer will be gathering information about the injuries and damages you have sustained as a result of the accident. Medical reports for instance will show the extent of your injuries, and whether these may affect your quality of life and income potential in the long term.

  1. Compensation for pain and suffering

A personal injury lawyer will draft a statement that includes your narrative of the pain and suffering an accident has caused you. Pain and suffering is categorized as general damages as there are no means to quantify these variables in numbers. This will be an important element to the case and will easily enable you to increase the amount of compensation upon settlement.