My Kid Has To Write A Paper On The History Of Aphrodisiacs


My kid apparently has to write a paper on the history of aphrodisiacs. That kind of threw me for a loop, as I certainly never had a homework assignment like that when I was growing up. Still, this particular teacher has demonstrated a pattern of giving his students homework assignments that are far outside the norm, and honestly I live him for it. It really gets my kid to think creatively and critically, instead of just doing yet another essay on a Shakespearean sonnet or the like.

My kid is old enough that I do not usually help him with his homework, but I am going to on this one just because it is such a strange assignment. I actually started looking online for good websites last night while my kid was asleep. There are plenty of websites selling aphrodisiacs (likeĀ spanish fly aphrodisiac), but not that many covering the history of aphrodisiacs, at least not that could be considered viable resources for an academic paper. Still, I did find a few and I talked about them with my son over breakfast.

Apparently his whole class has this paper, so I hope I can help him impress some girls.