Just What Does Laser Eye Surgery Do?


Many people think that LASIK surgery and laser eye surgery are the same, but that actually isn’t the case. LASIK is a very specific type of eye surgery, while the term “laser eye surgery” is actually the general term for a wide variety of very specific procedures that all deal with different surgical ways to correct vision.

So what does laser eye surgery do?
Through various methods and treatments each different type of eye surgery (there are dozens of them and is available in many places like atlanta lasik) is designed to solve a very specific type of eye problem. Some surgeries deal specifically with issues like astigmatism while there are others that tackle issues with the eye shape or how the cones work.

The right eye surgery for a patient depends on a variety of factors. The main one being the specific problems or issues with a patient’s eyes that result in those vision problems. LASIK might be the solution but there’s an equal chance that a different type of laser surgery is a better solution to help fix your specific issue (if you have eye problems, check out lasik eye surgery Atlanta).

While recovery time often takes a few weeks to get completely back to normal, surgery should make it so you won’t need glasses or contacts anymore.