How to Be a Grand Canyon Budget Traveler


Excited for your upcoming visit to Grand Canyon? Before heading to this natural wonder, budget-conscious travelers should read these pointers:

  • Book a flight

Between driving your own car or RV to the Grand Canyon, travel experts highly recommend taking public transportation instead. If you live out of the state of Arizona, your best bet is to take a flight to Las Vegas or Flagstaff Arizona. From Las Vegas, there are buses that go directly to South Rim and North Rim. On the other hand, you need to take a flight to Phoenix, Arizona and then a connecting flight to Flag Staff. This is the easiest route to Grand Canyon. Booking in advance will let you enjoy discounts on flights, and secure permits that will allow you to camp overnight.

  • Backcountry classes

There are many backcountry classes that are being offered by the Grans Canyon Field Institute. Apart from the usual hiking trails that they offer, guests are given the opportunity to learn about art, photography as well as the cultural and historical significance of the Grand Canyon. They have the friendliest Grand Canyon experts on the field. Backcountry classes are perfect for those traveling with a group of family and friends.

  • South Rim adventure

For adventure seekers, the South Rim is the perfect place to start your Grand Canyon journey. One memorable place that you need to visit is Havasu Falls. Dubbed as one of the most spectacular falls in southwestern United States, Havasu Falls boasts crystal clear waters and gushing falls that is more striking in person than in pictures. You can camp overnight at Havasu Falls and explore the other four waterfalls that are located within the same Havasupai Indian Reservation premises. The best part is camping here will only set you back less than $50 per night!

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