Fun Facts You Should Know About Barbie (6)

Barbie is more than just a doll. She is the most popular doll of all time and she has been with us for a long time as well. Barbie has been around since the 50’s and her popularity is a strong today as it was back then. Barbie merchandise sales contribute over a billion dollars in sales each year.

Barbie is a versatile doll and there are lots of things you can do with her. She is a positive role model for kids and there are tons of clothes and accessories you can buy for her. Whether you want a Barbie house or the latest clothes you can find them for your Barbie. There are lots of amazing accessories you can buy for your Barbie and you are never going to run out of things to get for her.

Barbie has changed quite a bit over the decades and has held all sorts of careers. She has even been a presidential candidate. She started off as a fashion model but as the times and politics changed, so did Barbie. She went to college and there was even a military Barbie. Barbie has competed in the Olympics and she even helped end the Cold War.

In the 90’s, Barbie ran for president and she also got to go into space. Barbie represents opportunity for girls and teaches girls that there are no barriers and that they can be anything they want to be. Barbie is diverse and comes in all different skin tones so every girl feels represented.

Though Barbie has been around for decades, her appeal is totally timeless and she continues to delight children from all around the world. Barbie is a true icon and deserves a place in every child’s toy chest. Check out for more Barbie Fun Facts.